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Foot Peel Mask for Baby Soft Feet

Foot Peel Mask for Baby Soft Feet

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* FUNCTIONAL! Ergonomic design ensures you can trust the GameStrap will do the heavy lifting for you and keep your posture in check while you game like a pro!

* SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE! Adjustable backpack-style straps let you easily put your GameStrap on and effortlessly engage and release the straps – Fast!

* EFFECTIVE! Free detachable pads give you the power to enjoy added comfort anywhere along the straps in a snap.

* PRACTICAL! Handy carrying bag permits you to take your GameStrap anywhere you go – With Ease.

* A FRESH APPROACH! Soft, breathable neoprene delivers the key to extreme comfort that doesn’t cut into your skin or make you sweat … it’s never been easier.

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  • NATURAL FOOT EXFOLIATING & PEELING MASK: Our lavender exfoliating foot peeling mask provides a treatment to remove hardened, dead, callused skin to make your foot skin soft and tender like a baby in 7 days.
  • WEARABLE SOCK TYPE FOOT MASK: Our foot masks are designed to wrap your feet like socks to allows the feet to absorb the essence in all directions. Just put on the foot mask for the recommended time period, and after removing it, the treatment will start to work. The old skin will automatically peel off on its own in 3-7 days.
  • NATURAL BOTANICAL EXTRACTS: Foot-centric nutrients gently penetrate into the old layers of skin to break down the rough and dead skin layers in a painless and safe way.
  • TOTAL FOOT CARE PACKAGE FOR FRIENDS AND FAMILY: Men and women can both enjoy a total spa experience with our foot peel masks. Not only is this mask a great exfoliant, it also moisturizes and nourishes your feet to health!
  • EXCELLENT GIFT IDEA: Pamper your feet and the feet of your loved ones with our exfoliant foot peel mask. Both men and women can appreciate healthier and softer feet.

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