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I bought one for my teenager who developed a serious hunch from gaming. I started him on back exercises and chest stretches and ordered him the brace. When I told him I ordered it, he was resistant, until he saw it. I guess that he thought it would be big and ugly.

When it arrived I wore it myself for a couple hours, my back felt great. When it is cold I tend to hunch a bit, and get a sore back. So I ordered a second one for myself.

The brace is wonderful, unobtrusive and a wonderful way to develop good posture habits by muscle memory. It says it fits most people, my teenage son is super skinny and it tightened enough to fit his frame. I am thrilled he actually likes to wear it.

This product would benefit anyone who spends time in front of a computer, or electronic device with the head forward and down and the shoulders rolled forward. If you follow the directions and roll your shoulders back when you tighten the straps, it keeps you in good posture alignment.

CT Row

I've always struggled with posture. Since I was a kid and spent way too much time playing WoW and Halo, I've always been told to correct my posture.

Now that as an adult I work at my computer more often than playing games on it, I deal with back problems and pain which probably could have been avoided. I've seen chiropractors and PTs, and they've suggested daily exercise and a posture corrector like this one can make a big difference.

When I wear the Gamestrap, my posture does feel much better and I can train myself to keep that posture. The best thing I can say about the product is it's comfortable, designed like a high quality backpack. Overall solid product, would reccomend

Shane H.

I'm sitting in front of my computer all day so this is helping me correct my posture. I was surprised by how simple it is, but you just put it on and you can already feel the difference. It's pretty comfortable too! You don't really notice that you have it on after awhile.

I haven't had it very long yet, but the materials they used seem to be high quality so I think it will last. Overall I'm happy I bought this and my back will definitely be thanking me in a few years.

Brian K.